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The Dallas Cowboys war room took a chance in the first round by trading up to take Oklahoma State’s explosive wide receiver standout, Dez Bryant.  Many teams passed on Bryant because of off the field issues and character concerns, but Jerry Jones already has a team of Hall of Famers assembled to provide a support system for the young Bryant.  Michael Irvin and Deion Sanders have seen it all and during the draft, they said they would do anything they could to support #88.

The Cowboys made some Pennsylvania folks happy with the second round pick up of Penn State linebacker Sean Lee.  Lee would have definately been a higher selection had he been able to stay healthy during his last two years in Happy Valley, but that was not the case.  Lee’s size and mental knowledge of the game will make him a valuable asset and Lee will benefit working with established Cowboys stars like Brady James.

In the fourth round, the Cowboys selected safety Akwasi Owusu-Ansah from IUP. (Indiana University of PA, Division FBS)  As much as I know about D IA football, I know nothing about the lower divisons so we will see if this ‘Hawks product will work out.

The only other notable pick in my opinion was Sam Young, offensive tackle from my second favorite college, the University of Notre Dame.  Young did an honorable job protecting Jimmy Clausen and was taken in the sixth round.

As for my alma matter, The University of Pittsburgh, the 2010 draft was not a pleasant experience.  Dorin Dickerson, my all-time favorite athlete and the third best tight end according to Mel Kyper was not selected until the  7th round by the Houston Texans.  Questions about Dickerson’s size and not being a true tight end overlooked his incredible athleticism, size, speed, and big play ability.


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